Mission Statement

      The people of Bakers Grove Baptist Church are a unique part of the universal body of Christ committed to his Lordship. As a result we believe that God has called us to represent Him as ministers of the Gospel. We believe that this ministry should meet both the spiritual and physical needs of all persons, especially those that live in our community.

      Since we are a part of the body of Christ; we will worship God to declare His worth and glory as we gain strength for our daily lives; we will work to bring individuals through our words and actions to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to responsible participation in His church; we will study and learn through the teaching of the Scriptures so that we may be better equipped for our task; we will minister to all persons as we are able in order to meet their spiritual and physical needs.

Welcome to Baker's Grove

Baptist Church

Our services are open to all who seek to learn more about becoming a Christian and living the Christian life.